The art of getting it done

Introducing The Routine, a newsletter for those craving a method for managing it all

Welcome to The Routine by me, Elizabeth Barr. Writer, software developer, and Pure Barre devotee who has no clue what’s for dinner.

The Routine is a semi-weekly newsletter about the art of getting it done.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, read about how the busiest people on the planet organize their lives, create the conditions that allow them to do important work, and take care of their families. Every week, Elizabeth publishes a new interview with someone who’s developed an enviable system, ingenious hack, or inspirational approach to balancing life for themselves and the people who count on them.

The Routine is all about:

🧰 Implementing tools or systems to get and stay organized.
🖥️ Doing your best work amid all the other demands on your time.
🧸 Taking care of kids, family, and friends.
🍅 Eating for pleasure and nutrition.
💪 Fitting in fitness.
💄 Recognizing the restorative power of beauty and fashion.
🚲 Making time for hobbies and personal goals.
🧠 Ensuring that rest and emotional health are not an afterthought.

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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Barr is a writer, software developer, and former journalist. She began her career at The Buffalo News and has produced content and websites for AOL News, Life, and Inside. She’s managed career transitions, startups, a small business, a husband’s career transition, being a parent, school volunteer, and team mom, and she seriously has no idea what’s for dinner tonight. This newsletter is as much for her as it is for you.

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