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A real-life productivity newsletter, The Routine examines how awesome people organize and prioritize their busy lives. It’s like if the Harvard Business Review and the Strategist had a kid who spent a lot of time with Goop as its babysitter.

The Routine is all about:

🧰 Tools and systems to keep you on track
🖥️ Doing your best work amid the other demands
🧸 Taking care of kids, family, and friends
🍅 Eating for pleasure and nutrition
💪 Fitting in fitness
💄 Recognizing the restorative power of beauty and fashion
🚲 Making time for hobbies and personal goals
🧠 Ensuring that rest and emotional health are not an afterthought

What’s all included in The Routine

The Routine Interview (how the impressive people do it)
Media Diet (what they watch/listen to/read)
What’s Working (follow along as I kaizen my life)
• Plus cool extras for paid subscribers!

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The Routine operates on a patronage model: Every issue is sent to subscribers’ inboxes for free. But I hope you’ll find The Routine valuable and decide to support the work that makes this newsletter possible. Paid subscribers get access to the full website, including perks like exclusive shopping discount codes, The Routine’s Discord community, and the archives.

What readers are saying

“I love reading this kind of stuff for inspiration. I also love the personal life stories woven in. Instant subscribe!” – Nathan Baschez, co-founder of Every.

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Elizabeth Barr is a Pure Barre devotee whose life goal is to take a #richmomwalk with Tinx. Elizabeth’s a writer, software developer, and former journalist who began her career at The Buffalo News and has produced content and websites for AOL News, the Huffington Post, and Inside. She has no idea what’s for dinner.
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